Friday, November 5, 2010

The Skunk continues

Fished the river and the shoal from 4:30 till dark with only one small blowup. The tide was very high and not moving the entire time. Conditions at the shoal were decent, but the action was not. Lets hope this weekend is better.


Barnacle said...

Hey Rick,
I had given up fishless, shortly after I saw you guys in Glebe Bay. Part of me wanted to run out to TP to meet you, but I was on a short leesh tonight. On my way back into Crab Creek I found the motherlode @ 6:10pm! Right along the mouth to Crab Creek they were stacked up thick and hungry. Cast-after-cast resulted in blows-ups or hook-ups. Landed a 15, 16, 2-17s, 18, and a 22. Countless missed strikes. They were ambushing bait that were trying to leave the creek. I suggest plugging this point again.
Good luck and tight lines!

Rick Weaver said...

Sweet. You know I will be there tonight. Starting to get frustrated. Can you get out Sunday night after the Ravens Game?

Rick Weaver said...

Brandon my man...broke the skunk streak thanks to you. Headed there at 3:30 today and picked up a nice 19 on first cast. Thx

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