Sunday, October 5, 2008

Morning Fog

Fished from 9-12 on Saturday and again 6-7 in the evening. Weather was perfect, but did not even have a swirl all day. At least the bluefish seem to be gone.

This morning I headed down to Marina around 9 and was greeted by dense fog. Worked Boyd point,Oak tree, and then headed over to jetty as fog was just burning off. At 9.30 had a nice blow up and boated fat 24 inch Rock. After the Raven's game (Heartbreaker) I headed back down to Marina and worked the shallows for an hour or so from the pier. Picked up about a dozen good sized White perch on stillwater. One real fatty that had to weigh close to 2 pounds. Was not the longest I have ever caught, but the fattest.

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