Monday, July 2, 2007

Been a while

Have fished everyday since my last post, mostly with family. A lot of fun but a bit disappointing since nobody experienced a blow-up. My 7 year old nephew stuck with topwater for a solid 1 1/2 hours. Not a peep out of him, must of made 100 casts with my Sirrus perch rod and Penn spincaster with 6lb test. We got out early on a Saturday, so there was no boat traffic. Did the Riva Lake circle... Point, 6 MPH sign, Oak tree, Riva Bridge, and Al's spot. Stillwater at all 5. He used a beat up Chug Bug that I was sure was the ticket. It would have been great, but not our day. The only thing better than a blowup is watching the reaction of someone seeing one for the first time.

Have done fairly well this week. Steady action on BA's at bridge and even caught 3 on top. All sub 16, but Top none the less.

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