Monday, October 4, 2010

Bone Chillin

Left the dock around 5:30 tonight to a stiff breeze and temp in the low 50's. It felt like fishing in November. I headed straight for Broad Creek to try out some new spots, but the wind was coming straight down the river, so finding stillwater was virtually impossible. Moved around the point, but it was still blowing. Did manage to pick up a 17 inch fish that fought like a champ. Moved across the river to the nest and picked up another 18. I worked the south shore towards home in search of a "new spot" and stay out of the wind. My new spot turned out to be the boat ramp for Sylvan Shores, where I had a blow up that missed. Tossed back into the same spot, but the fish did not resurface. Moved further down the shoreline to a small creek mouth that was protected on all sides. No action there, so I headed back to my new spot, and on my third cast picked up the 18 from earlier. Headed in early to thaw out. Not a great night due to the wind and my lack of proper clothes.

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