Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forget the Flats

Tonight started out with a stiff cool breeze so I planned on sticking close to home. I anchored up at marker 16 around 5:30 and tried some plugging. It was quite choppy, so I switched over to a white twisty. It took about 45 minutes, but I finally picked up a 16. By this time the wind had laid down and it was looking like a trip out to Thomas Point Shoal was in order. I arrived and anchored up "dead on" my spot. At 6:45 I had a nice swirl behind my white Stillwater Jr. I tossed back into the same spot and immediately the water exploded, but the fish missed. Back into the same spot and WOW the fish slammed like nothing I had ever experienced. I was using a med-heavy St. Croix with 8 lb braid, so the fight was not as long as the 30 from Sunday, but the fish was a lot fatter. Obviously a cow who had yet to drop her eggs. A couple of quick pics and back she went. Plugged for another 15 minutes or so and had one more blowup from the same class fish. It was getting dark, so I pulled up the anchor. My med-light rod was leaning against the gunnel so I decided to make one last cast before putting it inside. The second the twisty hit the water I hooked up with a monster. She was on for close to a minute and I got several good looks. The fish was not bigger than the 30, it was a LOT bigger. Oh well, I will never know because she straightened out the hook and was gone. Forget driving to the Flats. We have our own Flat right here in Mid bay.

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