Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Record

Headed out to the shoal at 6 PM. It was a bit warmer than last night, but wind hat picked up quite a bit. I anchored up at my spot and started with the same white twisty on 3/8 jig head. On the 3rd cast I picked up a nice 22. It was a great fight since the tide was coming in fast. Tried plugin for 15 minutes or so. Tried white, green, black and even the BIG chug bug...Nada. Back to the twisty and immediately picked up a 18. At 7 PM i was reeling in the twisty very slowly and felt several bumps. As the jig approached the boat, I paused for just a second or 2 and thats when my new record fish hit. The fish started off slowly with a few head shakes and then took off with the tide. The drag on my Stradic was screaming. Finally he turned and I began to feel that just maybe he or she could be landed. Not sure how long it took, but I was finally able to net my first 30 inch beast on light tackle (8 pound test, med light St. Croix in 3 feet of water). The guys that troll for these spring fish never get to see the speed and power they possess. Again, no TW action, but one heck of a night.

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