Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice turn of events

Was not feeling well all day, but figured the fresh air would do me some good, so I hit Lake Riva at and 6.10 pm. It was overcast and kind of gloomy when I left the dock. No boats on water and zero wind. Worked the river side for 1 drift and had 1 blow up that missed. Headed to Osprey nest and again had a nice slam that missed. Moved over to broad creek at about 5.45 pm. Made several casts and looked up just as bright sun burst out on the east shoreline. Took several pictures and then resumed fishing. First cast...BAM...a nice 20. Worked towards point and as I came around the sunset blew me away. Spent 15 minutes or so sitting right on point taking pictures. Once again I picked up my rod and tossed plud into setting sun. BAM. Another 20 who jumped 2 feet into air with sunset behind her. NICE.

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