Friday, October 24, 2008

October Fun

Last night I only had a few minutes to keep up my streak. Got to Glebe bay at 6.15. It was already getting dark when I had a blow up and fish did a nice "Irish Jig" on the surface. I could see it was a big fish, but it was too dark to tell how big. When I brought it to side of boat, it appeared to be north of 30. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and as I swung her over side the braid broke and off she went with a brand new Smack it Jr.

Tonight I headed out around 4.30. Called John and he said he was at the "new house" with no action. Asked him to meet me at Glebe Bay after I filled my gas tank. Met him there at 5. We fished the same area as Weds night but did not even have a swirl. The tide and wind were pushing water into the bank closer to river, so I moved over there and immediately got 2 18's. Called John to join me and he immediately hooked up. John headed back to Harbor Hills to pick up his dad and I stayed put. While he was gone I picked up 5 from 18-20 and then had a huge blow up and boated the biggest of night...a 26. When John returned we picked up several more shorties and then called it a night at 6.30. Great night, but not much of a sundown picture tonight.

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