Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh what a day makes

The last weekend of fishing can only be described as "sucky". I fished Friday night in the river and only managed 1 keeper sized fish at the "brown house". I awoke Sat. to beautiful blue skies, summer like temps, and glass on the river. Fished from 4 Pm till dark up and down the river, including the shoal for 2 hard hours with nary a swirl. Sunday morning was even nicer. I fished my way out to the shoal once again and worked every plug in my arsenal for 3 1/2 solid hours with the same results as Sat...nada. After the Ravens game, I headed back out with the intention of working Lake Riva, but ran into my friends Mike and Bill. We decided to take a ride back out to Thomas Point to catch the last hour at my spot. Once again, fishing just plain sucked and i headed home one depressed guy. Could this be it?...could the fall run be over already? My logs told be no, but the bay was giving a very different answer.

Since today was a pseudo holiday, I departed work early and was on the boat by 4:30. Tried a few river spots with no action, so ran back out to Thomas Point. Anchored up in the exact same spot as Sat and Sun.. On literally my first cast I had a huge blow up that missed. Tossed back into the same spot and hooked up. The fish took off and the drag was screaming. After several minutes, I still had not turned the fish. I thought that either it was a 40 incher or some exotic species like a Cobia. I have never had a fish take off like that. When I got the fish to the side of the boat, I was a bit surprised by its paltry 26 inch class size. It was then I realized that I had hooked the fish in the tail. That was a first and explained why she had her way with me. Just as I released the fish my buddy Dabs showed up with a friend. They positioned their boat just west of me. It was non stop action from that point on. Boated a total of 6 fish all in the 22 inch class. Meanwhile Dabs was sitting 50 feet from me and could not buy a fish. I just goes to show how important boat position is on the shoal. The fish can school up near one rock pile and if you are not right there..forget about it. Great sunset as I motored home one happy camper.

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