Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Left the dock around 6:30 and ran directly into a terrible thunderstorm. Hid under the Riva Rd bridge until the storm passed and then tentatively made my way out to Thomas Point Shoal. The tide was coming in and wind was ripping. Could see the Annapolis Weds night races on the horizon and they were clearly heading in early. Waves were a good 3 feet when I anchored up. I knew it was crazy, but I had a feeling things would settle down...they never did. Tried topwater, but it was just too rough. I switched over to a 3 inch yellow twisty and immediately started picking up 14-16 inch dinks. After 10 or so, I finally landed a barely legal 18 (picture). Continued fishing until dark. Just as I was about to leave, a nice pod of fish boiled up right of the stern. My cast landed right in the middle and I immediately had a nice slam and the drag started screaming. Turned out to be a very nice fat 20 that bloodied my deck. After a 10 minute struggle to free the anchor, I headed in. Good night despite the lousy weather.

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