Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Recap

I headed out last night at 4:30 with Carter and his brother Garrett, with a plan to fish the river. We headed straight to Glebe bay, but found several boats in my normal spots. So we basically ended up playing mop up. Although it was a very frustrating night of fishing, I did manage a 22 to go along with Carter's 19.  At least the Mclendon family had a nice fish dinner.

Carter and I left even earlier tonight at 3:30. The plan was to get gas and then pick up my buddy Brandon at his place on Crab Creek. Brandon was delayed, so we poked around just inside the cut. There was a ton of baitfish, but it seemed like nothing but dinks underneath. I finally had a huge blow-up that missed (twice). That was basically it until the sun was setting and Carter picked up a 19 at the headwaters of Aberdeen creek. Great weather and company, but two difficult days of fishing.

My 22 from Thursday

Mclendon Dinner

Carters 19 tonight
Thursday Sunset

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