Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chasing the Birds

The view out my office window of Annapolis Harbor screamed "Topwater", so I had no choice but to drop everything and race home. I wanted to get to the shoal as fast as humanly possible to catch the last hour of light. After a few quick stops, I anchored up at "the spot". The breeze was coming out of the river and the tide was dead low. The water temp was 55, the sky blue, and the air a balmy 65. After fan casting for 20 minutes, the water exploded and I boated a healthy twenty. While I was unhooking and taking a picture of my guest, the tide started to come in and the boat swung to the north. When I looked up there were hundreds of diving birds a few hundred yards away. My mind could not shake the vision of forty pounders pounding 12 inch baitfish on the surface, so off I went. As soon as I arrived, I knew it was a mistake. My "vision" turned out to be dink's pounding small anchovies. By the time I returned to "the spot", the sun was disappearing below the horizon. After a few fan casts, I headed to Glebe bay for a few more casts before heading in. When will I learn.."never leave fish to find fish". Great night!!

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