Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Storm Chaser

The weather was hot and humid when I left the dock at 6 tonight. The river was like glass, but again the forecast was for high seas and wind on the bay. My gas tank is almost on empty and of course the pumps were closed. So about halfway to the point I made and executive decision to fish the river. My first stop was the "brown house". On my first cast I picked up a healthy 20 that gave me quite a dance. Not long after, I picked up a 2nd 20. It was then that the first lightning appeared on the horizon. The storm was moving from the southwest right for me. I could not decide whether to scurry home or wait for it to pass. The next minute the sky lit up and the roar was deafening, so it hightailed it home. After I passed under the Riva road bridge the rain had stopped and I felt safe enough to make a few more casts. I hit the SR side of point and on about my tenth cast picked up another 20. Under those conditions, I was quite pleased with a 3 fish night. Interesting sunset to boot.

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