Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Chugger

Once again a stiff easterly breeze nearly kept me home, but decided around 6:30 to head out. The breeze was a nice warm breeze without the humidity of the past few nights and a bright blue sky. Arrived at TP around 7 and anchored up. Same conditions as the other night with John...Tide coming in and a stiff easterly breeze pushed the boat to a 90 degree angle to tide. Started with the Black Stillwater and shortly boated a 17. The only option was to toss straight out the back of the boat with the wind. Switched to twisty and picked up another shorty. Fan casted both the med and med-light rods with stillwater twice without a slam. Switched back to plastic and had on a nice size fish but lost her before getting a look. Finished the night fan casting both Stillwater rods 3 times...nada. Last fan I switched over to Bubba Chug. My first cast was into the wind off the bow. As Bubba was coming down the face of wave I had a huge slam and thought it might be a 28 inch class fish. Gave a great fight but turned out to be a hefty 5 year old 24.

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