Monday, November 29, 2010

November Surprise

Yesterday was a nearly perfect day to fish. Light breeze, sunny skies, calm sea's, and light boat traffic. Unfortunately, my three hours of fishing yielded little more than a peaceful day.

I only had a short window to fish tonight, so it was Lake Riva for me. Started at the headwaters of Broad Creek and worked my way back to the marina. Worked the gaps between piers with a white twisty. My expectation was that all the Stripers had left, but was hoping for a White Perch or Pickerel. As it was getting dark, I had made my way back to " Al's Spot" for the final casts. I was reeling very slow and was just getting ready to set the pole down to take a picture of the sunset, when the line went tight and it was fish on. I knew immediately it was a Striper. A nice 21 inch surprise for the end of November.

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