Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trophy Season

Went out from 12 to 7pm today on friend Brads boat. Trolled the Matapeake area with 8 rod spread. Bay was like glass all day and air temp was a perfect 70 degrees with 5 knot wind. We picked up our first fish, a fat 39 inch cow, at 2.30. Fish was caught on the hand line down deep. About an hour later we picked up a male about 33 inches.Not much else the rest of the day, but it sure beat working. Great Day

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Early Start for TW

Have fished 13 of the first 15 days of April. On the 5th of April I managed 2 undersized rock on kastmaster so they really did not count. I have basically stuck primarily with plugs even though I have never had a blow up before May..until tonight. I was getting ready to pull into Marina around 7.30Pm, but decided to try the Marina Light. On 3rd cast I had a nice TW slam and boated a healthy fat 16 inch resident rock. Water temp was about 60, so things should get rolling from here on. I hope. Very nice sunset to boot.

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