Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice turn of events

Was not feeling well all day, but figured the fresh air would do me some good, so I hit Lake Riva at and 6.10 pm. It was overcast and kind of gloomy when I left the dock. No boats on water and zero wind. Worked the river side for 1 drift and had 1 blow up that missed. Headed to Osprey nest and again had a nice slam that missed. Moved over to broad creek at about 5.45 pm. Made several casts and looked up just as bright sun burst out on the east shoreline. Took several pictures and then resumed fishing. First cast...BAM...a nice 20. Worked towards point and as I came around the sunset blew me away. Spent 15 minutes or so sitting right on point taking pictures. Once again I picked up my rod and tossed plud into setting sun. BAM. Another 20 who jumped 2 feet into air with sunset behind her. NICE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Fer

Started the night at 5.30. A strong tide was coming in so I started my drift on river side of point. On my 5th cast I had blow up in 2 foot of water. Fish danced on top for 10 seconds or so. Quite a show that left me giggling. A fat 22 incher. Continued working downriver and picked up another 20 in. 10 minutes later at the first pier. Headed across the river and hit the osprey nest with no luck. Back to point for 1 more drift and had 2 slams that missed. Nice sunny evening with 2 fish in 1 hour. Sweet.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lesson Learned

Headed out to point at 5 pm and started drift on river side. Breeze and tide was coming in so I was able to keep engine off and work the whole shoreline. At 6.15 I picked up a TCTC striper. Nice blowup and jump after hookup. Continued working shoreline down to beach at South Haven with no action. At 6 I headed downriver to a spot that a friend had mentioned having some success lately. I have plugged there many time with nary a swirl. Well this time was different. On the 3 cast I had a blowup that missed. I knew it was a good sized fish and threw back at the same spot several more times with 2 more blow ups and a big swirl. Finally I got her on about the 10th cast. A nice 24 inch fatty who gave a nice fight. Took my normal picture of her on my seat. As I was taking picture she managed to fall off of seat and down by engine. As I went to grab her she gave a big head shake and caught me with the other treble in my thumb. It was DEEP. Trying to get the hook out of fish with one hand stuck on hook and the other in the fishes mouth was comical. I was finally able to cut line and lift fish to where my pliers were and release her unharmed. After 10 minutes and a lot of blood the hook finally popped out of thumb and I headed home with a lesson careful.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Fight of 2007

Another beautiful night. After last nights shut out during the "sunny" hours, I waited till 6.10 to head out. At 6.24 I had a huge swirl. It almost looked like a big carp with its back out of water...a second later she turned and on. She started out with good run and the headed straight under boat. Luckily, I was using my 10lb rod with Stillwater and was able to pull her back. Actually got the net for this girl. Once on board, I was a bit disappointed by length, but she was FAT. (over 2 pounds). Continued till 7.30 with only one small swirl. Just goes to show that Stripers will indeed still hit topwater when the sun is high.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Low light rules

Headed out early tonight to see how I would fare in the bright sunshine. Got to river side of point at 5.30 pm. Humidity was low, temp in the 78 range, light breeze , and no boats...perfect topwater night. Worked my way to broad creek side and then worked my way down the northern shoreline in the crystal clear sunshine. Took lots of pictures, but only had one small bump at the final "restoration" site. Headed back over to point around 7 and worked the river side again. At 7.30 I picked up a small blue and then on the next cast had a nice blowup and boated an 18 in Striper.

Monday, September 10, 2007

This past weekend was lousy as far as fishing. Windy Friday, hot sat. , and crowded on Sunday. Shut out all three days, although I did not fish much.

Tonight was more like it. Nobody on the water. Very humid, light breeze. Got out to point around 6Pm. Picked up a nice 20 at 6.15 on Stillwater,but that was only action. Back home by 7.30.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick Run

Got a late start tonight. Got to point just as the sun was setting. Immediately picked up a fat 19 in the same spot from yesterday. 3 casts later had another blowup and a 18. Moved over to braod creek and made 10 casts or so with no luck. Finished the night at the point where I picked up another 18 in 1 foot of water. Really made a splash. 3 keepers in 1/2 hour and home by 8...good night.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Double Duty

Woke at 7.15 AM to a crisp sunshine reflecting off the the river. I just had to go fishing. Within 10 minutes I was on my way to the point. Water was perfect and you could hear a pin drop. Things look so different in the morning light. Had several blow ups that missed. It took 4 casts to entice a fat 22 incher to finally take the plug. Back at dock and off to work by 9.

Hit the same spot tonight around 7 and immediately had 4 blowups that missed. The 5th cast netted what looked to be the same fish from the morning, doughtfull, but you never know.

Made my way over to Al's spot (fallen tree). and got a huge blow up. This time I got her on the first try. I knew it was a big fish and it was. A really fat 24 incher that fought like a champ.

Tried a few new spots, but only managed 1 dink that was slightly smaller than the Chug Bug. What was she thinking?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Got my river back

The typical Labor Day traffic jam on Lake Riva finally died down around 7 pm. I headed straight to the river side of point and had the river basically to myself. Gentle breeze, stillwater and a touch of fall in the air. First drift produced nada, so I moved to broad creek side and finally had a nice slam from 18 inch Striper. About 5 minutes later I had a huge blowup that missed. I hit the same spot with next cast and wham...missed again. Never did get her, but looked like a 26 in plus fish. Oh well, back to river side where I picked up another keeper up against the grass beds. Sorry to see the summer end, but it will be nice to have my river back.

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