Sunday, May 6, 2012

Magical Night

Nice 20 that appeared to have just spawned
Tonight was magical and it had nothing to do with fishing. I had planned on meeting my buddy James at the boat at 6 pm, but he got hung up and was not sure he could make it. I told him it was no big deal and that we could meet up at 6.30. The O's were embroiled in an extra innings game with the Sox, so I settled in and waited. With the score tied at 6, the game had evolved into a battle of the bull pens. When James called to say he could not make it, the game had moved into the bottom of the 13th inning. By the time I anchored up at the shoal the score was still tied at 6. My first cast I had a nice blow-up that missed. My second cast to the same spot resulted in a mirror image of the first blow-up. Finally on my 3rd cast I picked up a fat 20 that put up a great fight. By now the game had moved to the top of the 15th with the game still tied at 6. I continued to grind it out with quite a few swirls and blow-up, but like the game, nothing to show for it. For three straight innings the O's first batter was able to reach first base, but hit into a double play to end the inning in all 3 cases. With their entire bullpen depleted, the O's were forced to turn to their DH, Chris Davis to pitch the bottom of the 16th. I could not believe my ears when he struck out the first batter and proceeded to set down the side in order. As the top of the 17th got under way, I picked up my second fish of the night, a smallish 16. In the top of 17th Adam Jones hit a 3 run home run off Boston's center fielder,Darnell McDonald. I was amazed when Davis struck out Adrian Gonzalez, arguably one of the best in league, on 3 pitches. The game ended with the Sox hitting into a double play for one of the most magical wins since I was a young boy. This is shaping up to be a magical summer.

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