Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Got to love Google

After checking the internet for "prop not catching at high RPM's", I concluded that my prop needed replacing. Luckily I had a spare prop on board, so James agreed to meet me at the boat at 4:30 to attempt an "in water" prop swap. I told my wife we would be back in 15 minutes and was met with a high degree of skepticism. I think we surprised ourselves when 15 minutes later we had replaced the prop and took a quick test drive to confirm the diagnosis. So the dark cloud lifted and we were good to go.

James and Carter met me back at the boat at 6:45 and we headed out into a mirror image of last night. Again the wind was howling and last nights rolling waves had been replaced with a 4 foot chop. On my second cast a huge wake appeared behind my plug and we all watched one of the best blow-ups of the year by a nice 24 incher.  I quickly followed with a 22 and a 20. At this point the boys were getting a bit antsy. The bite shut down for the next half our or so until James finally netted a nice 22. Not to be left out, Carter finished the night with back to back 20's on my old go-to plug a white Stillwater. So 6 keepers in horrific conditions made for a fairly decent night.

The 24

James and Carter removing a sick fish

Blurry picture of the 22

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