Monday, September 13, 2010

Pressed for time

Had guests for the weekend and rain Sunday night, so I was anxious to get out tonight. Unfortunately, I had to pick my daughter up from school. With the Ravens on at at 7, the window was about a half hour. Figured my best shot would be the "nest". Made my first cast around 6:40 with black Stillwater. The water was very calm, but quite a bit of debris from all the rain. After 30 casts or so, I was getting ready to head out. When the plug was about 10 feet from the boat I paused to access the situation. Just then the water exploded and a nice size fish took off with my Stillwater. He darted left and right close to the surface, so I wss able to watch the entire fight. Grabbed the net and boated a 26 inch class fish that although fat, did not look healthy. Hit a few other spots on the way in, with no action.

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