Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out-fished Again

Arrived at the shoal at 7PM. There were already 5 boats working the rockpile in a tight circle. Plugs were flying everywhere. One guy with 2 little boys was hauling in keepers nearly every cast. The dad was working TW, but I couldn't tell what the boys were using, but they were crushing dad. I managed 2 nice blues in the first 10 minutes and then a "seat" rock at 7.25. One more blue and that was it for me. Tide was going out, water temp was down to 71 and it felt like late Sept. Very nice sunset picture and back home by 8.30.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Love those August Nights

Arrived at Thomas Point Shoal at 7PM. Bill(Mako Guy) and the Grady Boys were already on the spot. Nudged my way in looked around and thought "this is going to be good. Tide had just run out and there was not a ripple in sight or a puff of breeze...perfect topwater night. Bill picked up a very nice 26incher right off the bat. Huge tail slap. The boys were matching him fish for fish for 1st 1/2. All I had was a few Blues and undersized rock. Finally at 7.45 I picked up a nice 20 on Stillwater. Had several more 16 inchers, but got out-fished tonight. Oh well...still a great night. It was very nice to have flat seas for once.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tow In

Fished Thomas Point on Sunday with James and got skunked. It was very choppy with south wind and tide coming in. Monday and Tues were similar, so I stuck to the river. Still no keepers in river. Lots of blues.

Tonight I arrived at rockpile at 7.15Pm. The ride out was flat as a bathtub, but once again we had south wind against the tide. At least it was fishable. Picked up several good sized blues and finally a keeper rock at 7.45. It was just me and the Mako guy. He had trouble starting engine, so I towed him in to his dock. One of the nicest sunsets of summer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

All alone in heaven

My buddy James came in from Calif. on Weds for business so we headed out around 6.30 PM to try and recreate the night before, but alas the wind was blowing hard against tide, so we were forced to stay in river...NADA. Thursday night brought thunderstorms, so again I was forced to fish river..NADA. Tonight was like glass so I headed to the bay. Got to the spot late and anchored up at 7.30. Not a boat in sight. On my first cast I picked up a nice sized Blue (biggest of year). A few minutes later I got a huge slam and the fight was on. She gave several good runs and thought for sure I would lose her, but was finally able to bring her to side of boat and swing her aboard. NICE FISH. Covered the entire oil hatch which put her in the 28 inch class.

Fairly steady until dark. Picked up 7 keeper rock and 6 or so blues. All the rock were fat and healthy, but not in the class of the first one. Back at dock by 8.45 to clean up the bloodbath of one great 1/2 hour of fishing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Right On Cue

I have been out to Thomas Point flats 4 or 5 times in the past month. Mainly tried Topwater and picked up a few sub legals, but have generally been disappointed. I knew in my heart that things do not get rolling until mid August. So I have primarily sticking to lake Riva and have not boated a keeper rock in a month and half. I have caught fish, but mostly on plastics and small fish.

Had that feeling tonight. Headed out to Thomas Point and anchored up at rock pile around 6:45 Pm. Nada happening for 30 minutes so I moved above the pile and let the tide drift plug over pile. First cast BAM a huge slam and boated a very fat 24 incher. Next cast I boated her twin. Basically non stop from then till sundown. Total of 13 keepers in 1 1/2 hours. Both the biggies were on a all white Stillwater before having a monster break off my 10LB braid. Both Chug Bug and SW worked in several colors. When it rains it pours.

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