Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early Bird

Hit the point for a rare morning session. Nice Stillwater with no boats. First cast around 7.30 am picked up a nice 22 inch keeper near shoreline on river side. Picked up another 16 inch around 8 at Al's spot and headed in.

Tonight was beautiful, but I got shut out. Full moon, but a lot of boat traffic for some reason.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Full Moon Slam

Spent last week in folly beach SC. Did a bit of pier fishing...small croakers and 1 Fl Pompano. Back on bay last night. Hit the shoal around 7 and after 1/2 hour picked up a nice keeper on stillwater.

Tonight was about as good as it gets on lake Riva. Full moon, low humidity, and big slams. Hit the point at 7 pm and fished broad creek side of point with no blowups. Moved to shallows on river side around 7.30 and picked up a fat 22 incher in 2 foot of water. 15 minutes later caught the biggest fish of year in the river. Nice fat 26 incher right off the stump at point. 5 minute battle with lots of dancing. Its good to be home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lake Riva Review

Caught the last hour Monday night with my wife on board. She always brings me luck when aboard and this time was no exception. Set anchor on the broad creek side of point. After about 15 minutes of pluggin, I had a nice swirl. My wife was on front of boat playing with her camera and I told her to focus on that spot and I would hit it again. Right on que she smacked my Chug Bug again. Nice fat TCTC 18. Weds my youngest daughter joined me in the same spot, but luck was gone. Tonight I headed out to the River side of point and picked up another on trusty Chugbug.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Night to remember

Humidity and heat are finally gone. Left the dock around 6.30 pm and headed straight for Thomas Point Shoal. Water was not quite flat, but still excellent for topwater. I was just me and the Mako guy from fishing creek. First cast had a nice blowup that turned out to be a nice 17 inch bluefish. Next cast a barely legal 18 inch rock. I would not say it was non-stop, but very steady action the rest of the evening. 3 blues and 13 Stripers up to 24 inch. One of the 24's was so fat I actually netted her. Great sunset. Back at dock by 8.30.

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