Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Chill

Fall was in the air when I left the marina at five tonight. I was bundled up with four layers, but the moist cool air was still getting to me. The river was like a mirror and tide was a good deal above high, due to a full moon. Everywhere you looked seemed promising, so I set off to find some new spots. After making it past the route 2 speed zone, I started my night in front of South River Landing. There is a cove with a sandy beach where the first house is located. I have passed the spot hundreds of times, but never bothered to give it a try. The water was only about 2 feet, so It was tough to get within casting distance of the shoreline. I did not take long to get a blowup, but was never able to boat the fish. Did not seem very big, but was still nice to find a new spot. My next spot was along the Londontowne shoreline. I have tried this spot many times due to its sheer beauty, but never even had a swirl. On my third cast, I picked up a nice 19. The colorful foliage was reflecting off the mirror like river when the blowup occurred and reminded me why I love topwater so much. I ended the night working both sides of Glebe Bay. Picked up another 19 along the eastern shoreline and was once again surprised when a very nice 22 exploded by the grass bed on the western shore. So I ended the night with 4 fish, and was happy to to return to a warm shower.

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