Sunday, October 12, 2008

Super Sunday

Headed out to Thomas Point Shoal and anchored up at 10.30 am. Did not take for my first blow-up and boated a nice 20. Next cast had a huge blow-up. I was using my new Medium Heavy St.Croix with 10lb Power Pro and large size Chug Bug. My buddy James uses this plug a lot, but I had never caught one using it. So despite the heavier gear the fish gave quite a fight. Drag was not quite screaming, but we were having a nice give and take. Finally after 3 minutes or so, I netted a 26. Proceeded to catch 5 or 6 good sized Blues over the next hour and finished up with another 18 and 20. The water very clear and calm. Back at the dock at 1 to watch the Ravens lose badly to the Colts.

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