Monday, May 21, 2007

Boats Back

Finally able to pick up boat sat am. Nice ride back from Deale. Running great, but very dirty. Fished river sat/sun with little success. Windy all weekend.

Go home from work at 4.15 and it was like glass on the river, so I decided to take a ride out to bay to get a looksey. It was dead low tide when I arrived at "the spot" around 5.30. Meandered around waiting for tide to turn with nothing happening. Finally at 6Pm I got a nice slam and set the anchor. Next cast had a huge blowup and hauled in a nice fat 20. From that point on it was non stop action. Lost count at 10..many multiple slams and fish jumping out of water all around me. By 6.30 is was smooth as glass and several nearby trollers who saw the slams joined in the fun. Nothing big, but just what I needed after enduring 4 weeks of perch fishing.

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