Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye of the storm

It had been raining all day, so I had not planned on fishing. After dinner, around 6 Pm, the rain had stopped and wind had died down enough to give it a try. Made a few casts at "Al's Spot" and had a nice blow up, but could not relocate the fish. Moved downriver to the river side of point. The wind and tide were moving the boat at a steady clip, so I was able to work the shoreline with the motor off. Picked up 4 fish, all around 20 inches. Made a second pass and managed to pick up one more 18. All 5 fish hit right up against the grass shoreline on the first or second pop. Moved across the river and made a few casts at the "nest", with no action. There has been a small center console working the shoreline for the past 2 nights, so I decided to shoot across the river to say hello, but he took off to avoid the pending downpour. Made one more cast into the "jetty' and picked up another 20. So ended with 6 fish and 1 missed blowup in 45 minutes. I'll take it. Ran home just as the sky looked like it was about to open up.

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