Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damn Ray

Thunderstorm came through around 6 pm and lasted until 7.30. Was able to make it out to point for the last hour. Hooked into something big around 7.45. She circled the boat for about 20 minutes with several good runs of line. Had to start boat and chase her for a while to avoid being spooled. If it was in the bay, I would have assumed it was a ray, and cut line...but not this far up the river. Well I was wrong. A damn ray. Fun dreaming of the big one though. Meandered my way back to Marina and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bass Assasin

Yesterday was the first time this month I did not fish. Headed out to Thomas Point Shoal around 6.30 tonight. It was too choppy for Topwater, but a nice night. Tide was heading out and the humidity finally was gone. Caught my first Striper on a BA. Too close to call, but gut hooked so into the box she went. Picked up 1 WP and 4 more undersized stripers.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wife's night out

Headed out to point after dinner with my wife aboard...a truly rare occurance. Anchored up on the north side of point. Tide did not seem to be moving and boat traffic had died down. Nice still water. On the 3rd cast I picked up a nice fat 18. Two casts later got another nice slam, which semi impressed my wife.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rain Out?

It has been way too long since my last post. Fished every day for at least an hour. Striper fishing has been very tough. Between high winds and bad tides for the last hour of light, I had my longest slump ever...19 straight days. Stuck with was tempting to give in and throw a curly tail, but worth it. Finally on Sunday night after Brad's wedding I got into them out at Thomas Point Shoal. No frenzy, but steady action...6 from 16-18 and many more blow ups.

Tonight started out with a massive thunder storm rolling thru. Headed down to boat around 7. It was still drizzling, but headed out anyway. Headed to the point. It was perfectly wind, no boats, no human sounds at all. With the addition of a surreal fog hanging over water it was a PERFECT topwater night. I just felt it. On the third cast I picked up a fat 20 incher. It sounded like a gun going off when the fish slammed. Actually mumbled to myself afterwords "that was awesome"

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