Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Blue

Headed out to TP Shoal right after work tonight. The river was flat on my way out, but once I got to the rockpile the wind was blowing against a strong outgoing tide, so it was quite choppy. Decided to stay a while anyway and it really paid off. Started catching decent sized blues right away. At 5.40 I picked up what turned out to be the only Rock of the night..an 18. Continued to pick up blues steadily and a little after 6 pm I had a big blow up from a blue that was clearly in a different class. Since I was pulling against the tide, the fish was able to really peel off some drag....4 or 5 good runs. Blues can be a blast, but this one was a in a whole different league. I did not have a way of weighing it, but it was my biggest ever. Incredible sunset as I headed back home for a very rough 1/2 hour kidney beating.

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