Friday, September 24, 2010

Home again

Left the dock early tonight to hit a few Lake Riva spots before going out to dinner. The first spot was a place a caught a 22 two years ago. I call this spot the "Old Man's House" because naturally an old man lives there. He always stands on hit deck and asks how the fishing has been. The spot is about 200 yards from the marina and tucked in behind what was once a fairly good sized island. It took a couple of casts, but I was able to boat a smallish 14 incher. Next spot was once again "Al's Spot", where I boated a decent 20. After that I worked the south shore of the river moving towards the Riva Road bridge. I have never even had a blow up along this shoreline and was once again disappointed. I then worked several spots between the bridges, but again had no luck. Ran towards home and slowly worked the river side of the point and finally had a nice blowup and boated a very healthy 22. One hour of fishing and 3 fish...I will take it. I wish Sept. would never end.

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