Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have had the pleasure of fishing with some old and some new fishing buddies since my last post:

FRIDAY- FIshed with Brandon and John King. We tried the shoal for quite some time, but it was crowded and not much happening. We moved into the river and Brandon picked up two nice low 20's fish and saved the night.

SATURDAY- Fished from sunrise until 11AM with a new buddy, Capt. Karl, a charter captain and the owner of the Miss Gracie. It was breezy and a bit on the cold side. Our ride was Karl's Pango. It is a sweet ride and perfect for shallow water fishing. Unfortunately, we were only able to boat one 20 inch fish all morning. A lot of fun, but frustrating fishing.

SUNDAY- FIshed with Carter and his middle brother Garrett. The conditions were actually quite good, but we ended our short 1 1/2 hour outing with nary a swirl from a keeper sized fish.

MONDAY- Fished by myself. I headed straight to the point and found quite a crowd. It was nearly impossible to find a good place to anchor, but I did manage one 20 incher.

Tonight I picked up Karl at 4:30 at his pier near the route 2 bridge. As we headed out to the shoal, the water was like glass. There was a light rain falling, but literally zero wind. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the point, conditions were a bit more snotty. The chop was 1 to 2 feet and the wind was blowing the opposite direction from the tide. I started the night with a hearty 20, that hit up tide from the boat. This was followed by a twenty five that produced one of the bigger splashes of the year. Karl then boated a low 20's fish before we finally relented and moved back into the river to enjoy a more peaceful fishing experience. At the cove, I boated our final keeper fish, another 25 that put on quite a show in 2 feet of water. We ended the night with a nice Bluefish and a nice blow up that missed on our last cast. Two 25's in the same night made me one happy camper.

25 number one

Capt. Karl fights his 22

25 number two

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