Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lost Fish

Have done a lot of fishing since last post. Had a good size fish break off at osprey nest 2 sunday's ago. First lost fish of year. So I changed my line from 8 to 10 lb. Well this sent me into a slump that lasted over a week. several blowups, but no fish for 8 days. Finally on Monday (after switching back to 8 lb) things returned to normal. 2 fish Mon, Tues, and Weds all caught in Lake Riva.

Tonight I had my main fishing buddy in town from CA. As I was waiting for him at the Marina, I picked up a nice 18 on Stillwater near the beginning of pier in 1 foot of water. I have made thousands of cast from this spot over the years, usually just testing new line, and this was the first fish I have ever caught. We headed out to Thomas Point shoal around 6pm. It was a perfect topwater night. Flat, no breeze and only 1 other boat at rock pile. On my 3rd cast I had a massive fish slam. There was little doubt it was my biggest fish ever....BROKE OFF...arrg. Ok, so I switch back to 10LB and get a birds nest about halfway down line...Bam...another big fish slams and line breaks at the nest. Retied and finally landed a fat 6 lb fish. The biggest of year. Yay.

Had another first tonight. Since the bay was so flat, the wake of a passing tanker was making its way from the eastern shore as we plugged away. When they hit the shallows of the shoal we were swamped by 8 foot swells. You could have literally surfed the waves. The other boat nearly went under.

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