Monday, August 25, 2008

Love those August Nights

Arrived at Thomas Point Shoal at 7PM. Bill(Mako Guy) and the Grady Boys were already on the spot. Nudged my way in looked around and thought "this is going to be good. Tide had just run out and there was not a ripple in sight or a puff of breeze...perfect topwater night. Bill picked up a very nice 26incher right off the bat. Huge tail slap. The boys were matching him fish for fish for 1st 1/2. All I had was a few Blues and undersized rock. Finally at 7.45 I picked up a nice 20 on Stillwater. Had several more 16 inchers, but got out-fished tonight. Oh well...still a great night. It was very nice to have flat seas for once.

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