Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Half of Sat....not good

For a November day, it could not have been any more perfect. The water was calm, the sky blue, winds light, and the temp in the low 60's. Headed out at 10 and just returned at 1. I fished every inch of the South River and did not see a single sign of life. No birds, no swirls, no bait balls, no fish. It was a beautiful day, but quite frustrating. I am going to try for the last hour of light, but have little hope.

Went back out and fished from 3.30 until dark. Stayed mainly in the Lake Riva area with no luck. As the sun was setting, I decided to run out to Glebe Bay and then end my night at the mouth of Crab Creek. My bad luck continued until I was just ready to give up when a small fish finally hit my plug. As I continued my retrieve several more fish made a stab at it with no success. Just as the plug approached the boat, a good sized fish blew up. I had him on briefly, but alas, he got away. So the grand total for this beautiful day in November was zero. However that last cast, gave me enough encouragement to do it again tomorrow.

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