Monday, September 17, 2007

Lesson Learned

Headed out to point at 5 pm and started drift on river side. Breeze and tide was coming in so I was able to keep engine off and work the whole shoreline. At 6.15 I picked up a TCTC striper. Nice blowup and jump after hookup. Continued working shoreline down to beach at South Haven with no action. At 6 I headed downriver to a spot that a friend had mentioned having some success lately. I have plugged there many time with nary a swirl. Well this time was different. On the 3 cast I had a blowup that missed. I knew it was a good sized fish and threw back at the same spot several more times with 2 more blow ups and a big swirl. Finally I got her on about the 10th cast. A nice 24 inch fatty who gave a nice fight. Took my normal picture of her on my seat. As I was taking picture she managed to fall off of seat and down by engine. As I went to grab her she gave a big head shake and caught me with the other treble in my thumb. It was DEEP. Trying to get the hook out of fish with one hand stuck on hook and the other in the fishes mouth was comical. I was finally able to cut line and lift fish to where my pliers were and release her unharmed. After 10 minutes and a lot of blood the hook finally popped out of thumb and I headed home with a lesson careful.

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