Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forget the Flats

Tonight started out with a stiff cool breeze so I planned on sticking close to home. I anchored up at marker 16 around 5:30 and tried some plugging. It was quite choppy, so I switched over to a white twisty. It took about 45 minutes, but I finally picked up a 16. By this time the wind had laid down and it was looking like a trip out to Thomas Point Shoal was in order. I arrived and anchored up "dead on" my spot. At 6:45 I had a nice swirl behind my white Stillwater Jr. I tossed back into the same spot and immediately the water exploded, but the fish missed. Back into the same spot and WOW the fish slammed like nothing I had ever experienced. I was using a med-heavy St. Croix with 8 lb braid, so the fight was not as long as the 30 from Sunday, but the fish was a lot fatter. Obviously a cow who had yet to drop her eggs. A couple of quick pics and back she went. Plugged for another 15 minutes or so and had one more blowup from the same class fish. It was getting dark, so I pulled up the anchor. My med-light rod was leaning against the gunnel so I decided to make one last cast before putting it inside. The second the twisty hit the water I hooked up with a monster. She was on for close to a minute and I got several good looks. The fish was not bigger than the 30, it was a LOT bigger. Oh well, I will never know because she straightened out the hook and was gone. Forget driving to the Flats. We have our own Flat right here in Mid bay.


Unknown said...

this is awesome. do you fish a certain depth or look for marks on the fish finder? I live on the west river and want to get out soon.

Rick Weaver said...

The area I fish is only 3 feet, so a fishfinder is of no use. As you come out of the West river, just head due north until you see Thomas Point lighthouse. I fish the area halfway between the lighthouse and the actual point of land on the western shore call Thomas Point park.

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