Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survival of the fittest

When I got home tonight is was raining and breezy, but the river looked calm from my living room. Somehow I talked myself into giving it a go. Texted my buddy John to see if he wanted to hop on. He said he would be there in 15, so off we went. As we passed the Rt 2 bridge the waves began slamming the boat and white caps were everywhere." Can you imagine what the bay will look like" said I. Well lets find out. So 20 minutes later we were anchored up at "the spot". Since it was so choppy, I started with a white twisty and immediately had on a biggun. It was hard to keep your balance and fight the fish, but I was able to bring her close enough to get a good look before breaking off. There was no doubt it was in the 30 plus class. We proceeded to boat 9 more fish in the next 45 minutes. They were all 18-24, but a blast in the wind, rain, and ocean like waves. Just as john was about to pull the anchor, I decided to give my trusty bubba Chugbug a go. Just as the plug was sliding down the face of a wave, I had a huge blowup and it was "yeah baby". Got what appeared to be another 30+ close to boat and John took a few swipes with the net. The fish took one last run and cut me off on the prop. Oh well..11 fish in an hour in those conditions was quite a feat.

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