Saturday, November 6, 2010


Having a good network of fishing buds is critical to catching fish consistently. My buddy Brandon left me a comment yesterday that he had done well at the mouth of Crab Creek last night. I was able to get out for an hour tonight, so that was my destination. Tried several spots before the bridge with no success, before hitting marker 16 with the same result. After several days of being skunked, I was getting rather frustrated. When I arrived at Crab Creek the sun had just popped out and the wind was much lighter than the river proper. My first cast with the big Chugger got tangled, so I quickly retrieved and made a new cast. The second the plug hit the water this time, the water exploded. A short time later, I boated a 19. So with the skunk off the boat, I headed in to go to dinner with my wife. Nice November surprise.

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Barnacle said...

Glad to hear you got the skunk off! I actually managed to land a 21 saturday way back in Crab Creek. I was assembling the blind on my duckboat when a striper started thrashing the water about 75 yards from my pier. Decided to investigate and missed 3 blow-ups before switching to a white twister tail and hooked up on the first retrieve. Personal best for that deep inside the creek. I was stoked! I'm heading out this afternoon in my CC. Give me a call if you're out.

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