Monday, July 16, 2012

Misreading the tide

First of the 22's 
I checked the tide when leaving the marina at 7 tonight. I thought for sure that high tide was expected at 7:20. So when I arrived at the shoal and saw the big ships sitting halfway into a swing around, I assumed the tide had started to come in and positioned the boat accordingly. It took about 15 minuted to realize that the tide had just begun to go out. So I repositioned the boat on the other side of the rock pile and went to work. The next half hour was fantastic. I boated two 22's, one 20,  four 18's, and a bunch of under's. By this time the tide was ripping. I rechecked the tide table and boy was I wrong. High tide was actually 4:20. The action continued at a fairly steady pace for the next half hour, but there were too many dinks, so I headed in. I actually hit bottom for the first time in many years which reinforced how wrong I had been about the tide.
Not another boat in sight all night

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