Monday, October 25, 2010

They are Everywhere

It was a warm night with a strong incoming tide and nice breeze from the east. This allowed me to drift lazily along the shoreline and work some spots that I would not normally hit. My first fish came across the river close to "Al's Spot". Twenty yards downriver there is on old pier that only the pilings remain. If largemouth bass were my target, this would be the first place to look. I have made hundreds of casts with nary a swirl, until tonight when a nice 21 exploded from next to the third piling. I drifted the river side of the point and"the nest" with no action. Moved over to the Broad Creek side of the point and picked up a feisty 19 that jumped a good two feet in the air. I moved across Broad Creek to the northern shore and made one long drift. At the second living shoreline, I picked up a 19 that exploded within inches of the rocks. There is a reason why its called Rocktober...there are fish everywhere in the river. Three fish and two new spots made for a very good night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick-
I have been shut out the last 2 times not even a swirl.
Seems you have the magic touch. i saw you out this evening heading into Broad creek. I would love to fish with you. Let me know

Steve ( fellow parker owner)

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