Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rare Saturday Fish

My partner tonight was my youngest daughter Gracie. We left the marina at five and planned on only fishing an hour. I figured our best shot at a quick fish was Glebe bay, so we headed straight there. Met a couple of guys I know who had just finished fishing the western shore with no action. They said the eastern shore had a lot of leaves. Nevertheless, we headed to the the eastern shore and started plugging. After a half hour or so, we moved around the corner to the "brown House". I had not fished there for over a week and felt certain it would be the ticket. I was wrong. It was beginning to get dark and we were well past the allotted hour as we headed for the western shore for a few more casts. Had a nice slow drift of the entire shoreline. As we passed the "white house" I said to Grace "well I guess we got skunked tonight". Just as the words left my mouth a fish exploded within two feet of the boat. The sound was deafening and scared Grace more than the haunted house she visited last night. It turned out to be a 18, but was a welcome sign as I have been shut out nearly every saturday all season. It is very difficult to fish on weekend due to the boat traffic. Incredible moonrise to boot.

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