Thursday, October 21, 2010

The One That Got Away

When five o'clock rolled around, I actually thought about skipping fishing. I was a bit tired and the brisk breeze from the west did not look very inviting. Never the less, I pulled myself together and headed out at 5:30. For the next half hour I tried several new spots inside of the Riva Bridge. As 6:15 approached and I still had not had any action, I decided to head out to Glebe Bay. I made it through the speed zone in record time and in short order made my first cast into my new honey hole by the grass bed in front of the "White House". On the second cast, I had a blowup that missed. As soon as my plug hit the water on my second cast, the water exploded. After a short but fierce fight, I boated a very health 24 inch fish. A short way along the western shoreline, I had an even bigger explosion that missed. It definitely appeared to be bigger than the 24, but I could not get him to appear a 2nd time. I moved across to the eastern shore and quickly picked up a 20 in 2 feet of water. It was now well past dark, but the light from the full moon, allowed for a bit more time. I ran back across to the eastern shore to try one more time for the big one that had alluded me earlier. I was ready to give up after 5 casts, when a huge swirl appeared ten feet in front of me. I made the short cast and before I could make my first twitch of the rod, the water exploded and I had my man. Unfortunately after several head shakes he was gone. I continued my quest for another 10 minutes, until finally giving up and heading in.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intel today! I'll let you know how we fair...maybe see you out there this weekend.


Unknown said...

Love the Blog. I fish the SR out of Oakgrove with a friend. I would like to "hook up" (pardon the pun) with you sometime to discuss tactics. It seems you fish mostly in the evening. Do you ever fish in the early morning and if so when do you stop re productivity? BTW, my email is R/CSP
P.S. - have you ever heard of Lenny Rudow who lives in Edgewater??

Rick Weaver said...

Thanks. I am a night owl and can never drag my butt out of bed in AM. I have not noticed any particular time that the fish shut down. For instance, the last fish I was playing with last night was after 7Pm when the sun had long ago set.

Yes. I have read all his books. Met him at a book signing at B&N.

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