Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calm before the storm

Was pleasantly surprised when the clouds and rain cleared around 6 Pm. The river was dead clam and I was all alone on the river. Started out working the river side of point and picked up a healthy 18. Moved across the river to the "nest" and immediately picked up a 20. Tried the " Oak Tree" for a good 10 minutes, but had no action. It was now 6.30 and I decided to try some new spots and see if I could at least get a blow up. Worked several spots on the south shore of the river downriver from the eastern shore of the mouth to Beards Creek. I was specifically looking for sandy beaches. About a quarter of the way to the route 2 bridge I had a blow up right up against a small boathouse. I was not expecting the explosion and pulled the plug out of the fish as he jumped. The rule of thumb with topwater is to "wait for the weight" before setting the hook. Well not to panic, tossed back into the same spot and like clockwork, the fish exploded and I had a new spot to add to my quill...a nice 20. Headed in early as it began to spit some rain.

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