Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Tow In

Last night I met up with Dabney at Thomas Point at around 6:30. The wind and boat traffic had really died down, so it was a very nice night. It was a lazy night, but we both managed to boat 3 fish between 20 and 24. My camera battery had died, so I will have to figure out how to migrate the photo's from my cell phone. Pn my way in around 8, I was hailed by a broken down boat at the mouth of the river. He offered me $100 to tow him in. I of course refused the money and offered to help. He needed to go to the route 2 bridge, which took us the better part of an hour. I hope next time I break down, someone will help me.

Tonight I started out fishing close to home around 6 pm since the wind was predicted to pick up as the night went on. Dab's called at 6:15 and said it looked good at Thomas Point, so off I went. When I arrived at the spot there were 2 boats anchored dead on the mark. I did not recognize either boat, but muscled my way in as close as possible. They were both using cut bait, which rarely if ever works at the point. It took a while, but I finally picked up a 22. The forecast was dead on as the wind and waves picked up around 7. Dab's called and said he was into fish up into fishing creek, so I pulled anchor and joined him for the final 15 minutes. Only managed to pick up one 16 inch blue and headed in early. Back home by 8 PM.


Barnacle said...

You have an awesome blog. Topwater fishing is the best! Hey, I regularly fish on the south river. I keep 2 boats on Crab Creek and love getting out on the river this time of year. I like to fish weekday nights, but have a hardtime finding anyone to go out with. Let me know if you want to meet up on the river sometime. I'll definitely be going out tomorrow (9/22).
Hope to hear from you soon.

Rick Weaver said...

Lets do it Brandon. Would love the company.

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