Friday, August 6, 2010

A little Topwater action...yipee

I hopped on the boat around 6.45 and headed for Thomas Point. The humidity of July had finally moved out and the temp was just perfect. We have had a lot of rain the past few days and I noticed that the water temp had dropped to around 83. The tide was very low when I left the dock and appeared to still be falling. Anchored up at my spot and started with the big Chugger. Had a nice blow up on the 2nd cast, but it missed. After 10 casts or so, I switched over to the yellow twisty from weds. On my first cast I hooked a very nice fish that had the drag screaming. A great fight followed, with the fish coming to the surface several times. Turned out to be a nice 24. Picked up several more 16's on the twisty and played around with several different plugs for the next half hour. As the sun was setting, I finally had a blowup and boated a 18 on the big Chugger. Topwater is finally picking up. Had 2 spectacular blowups as it was getting dark. Both hit close to the boat and put on quite a show before throwing the plug. Great night.

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