Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ahh those August nights.

Left the dock at 6.30 to bathtub like conditions with the expectation that the bay would be chop city like most of the summer. When I arrived at the shoal, conditions where near perfect. The water was like glass, but the tide was barely moving at all. After anchoring, the boat was literally pointing east. Tossed plugs for over an hour with not even a swirl. Finally at around 8 I had a huge blowup just 4 feet from the stern. Tossed back about 8 feet and as the plug approached the same spot there was a huge boil, but the fish never came to the surface. The third try was the charm as a very fat 24 slammed right before my eyes and immediately went airborne. Not much happened until the sun set when huge bait pods started moving my way. They were obviously being slashed by fish from below. The sound was incredible as they surrounded the boat. Just as it was getting dark, I found out what was below...dang Blues. Good fight, but what a mess they make.

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