Monday, July 31, 2017

Popa and Puppy Dog

My youngest daughter Gracie had been living with us since April. unfortunately with her work schedule, coupled with writing her thesis for grad school, there was really no time for her to do the Naptown "summer" thing. Its a shame because she is a true Baltimoron and loves to do it all. SUP, fishing, crabbing, O's games, lax, etc... she is Maryland. She moved to Baltimore a fews weeks ago, so tonight was an actual "visit" and after a little nap in the pool, she joined me early for a little Popa Doggin. I forgot that only one rod  was rigged and to my dismay the only Popa on board was the one on the end of the rod. Luckily I had a fresh, unopened, "Puppy Dog". Same red and white as Popa, just without the big mouth and spitting. Which is a lot like Grace and I. So fittingly, it was Puppy Dog Grace versus Papa Dog. For the first 10 minutes it was Popa all the way as I quickly boated 3 nice keepers and lost a nice 24 at the side of the boat. It was not long before Grace got into the action, From that point on, I would have to call it a draw. There were very few casts that were not met by multiple blowups. I have to give the night to Grace and particular the Puppy Dog who achieved a new feat about my boat. We netted a double of a 22 and a 20. I have had many doubles before but they were always dinks. We cut out of there around 7:30. Grace took a panorama pic on her camera and we counted 15 boats clustered around the spot. It was really cool to see everyone set up in an orderly fashion and immediately begin slaying them. It was a great to have my Puppy Dog home.

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