Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dora The Explorer

After the last four nights action, I may not fish "the spot" this year. I was by myself tonight and decided to head out into the big old bay to see what was to be had. I have never erased the trails on my Lowrance so it looks like someone took a black crayon and drew a line from my house to "the spot" on the chart plotter. The only other lines are the trails from my trip with Paulie and his son to the bay bridge and the lines from Memorial Day. Using the trail as a guide, I made my way to green 83 where we had done so well on Memorial Day. The bay was perfect, with no humidity, a light breeze, and a surface that looked like glass. I was marking fish but,a lack of birds and no tail slaps made if difficult to find breaking fish. What did make it easier was the sight of about 20 boats off in the distance at the entrance to Deal. I arrived to birds scattered over a huge area and tails slaps galore. These were not schoolies either. They were clearly north of 28. My second cast was met with a huge slam. It was clearly bigger than my fish from Monday. Prior to leaving the dock, I had changed my line and tied on a 8 foot leader. There would be no break-offs tonight! I was a great back and forth for at least 5 minutes. In Tarpon fishing, if you touch the leader it is a catch. Well...I touched the leader but, sadly she broke loose. The line did not break though. Guess I will never know how big it was but, it definitely rivaled my fish from Monday. It was not long before the second fish came onboard. A real beauty that peeled off line at an alarming rate before giving up as Stripers usually do. They are like March in reverse. Out like a lion and in like a lamb. A third beauty followed. Both were "netted" fish. That normally only occurs a few times a year at "the Spot". Looks like I am going to be Dora the Explorer this summer.
Did not need to push it out... it was big 

Fish Number 1. Based on lid it was 26

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