Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Real Fatty

My buddy Danny sent me a text around 1pm asking if he could meet me at the boat at 4. Since he would be driving out from DC, I called my wife to see how it looked out there, given the steady wind all afternoon. She said it was very choppy, but no whitecaps. I told Danny not to waste his time, so he said he would hit Fletchers instead. Low tide was projected to be at 6:30, so I headed out at 6. The water temp has risen to 58 degrees and the wind seemed to be laying down. By 6:30 it was like glass out there. Unfortunately the fish were nowhere to be found. Several times I had decided to make 10 more casts and head in for dinner, but just could not seem to put the rod away. By 7:30 the boat began to swing around ever so slight;y. It seemed like seconds later, on one of the longer casts of the night, I had a huge blow up. The fish slammed 3 times before she was hooked. She jumped one time completely out of the water so I knew it was a big fish. The fight that followed was a blast. She started from several hundred feet behind the boat and ended up with me leaning over the bow to get the reel under the anchor line. Just as I completed this feat, she took off under the boat and I had the repeat the process. I was using a medium St. Croix that was bent as far as possible. Finally she came belly up. Since it was a long fight and the huge belly indicated she had yet to drop her eggs, I took 2 quick pics and released her unharmed. I felt bad about Danny, but it turned out he got into some nice Shad on a fly and was quite content. Great night.
Like Glass

Thank you Popa Dogg

Obviously Prego

A tad over 28


Unknown said...

Great to see you having luck out there! I've been fishing from my friend's pier right in Glebe Bay for the past couple of weeks, but haven't had any luck. I also tried fishing different corners of the bay in a kayak, too, but again, no luck. I've just been using shrimp and worms/bloodworms. I've seen them jumping out of the water, but can't seem to coax them into biting. As I am a bit of a novice, would you happen to have any suggestions on what to use or where to look?

Rick Weaver said...

I would try a 1/4 ounce jig head with a white twisty tail (4 inch size). Try working the western shore of Glebe bay on your Kayak. Work near the mouth of Glebe bay around the various piers. Hope that helps

Stu Kiehne said...

Love it... thanks for the heads up on the Popa Dog and natty boh's on Sunday... Good webiste!

Rick Weaver said...

Thanks Stu. Good meeting you. Let me know if you want to jump on one night. I usually leave the dock around 7 most nights.

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