Wednesday, September 19, 2012

High Sun

I was to pick up my buddy Brandon at 5:45 at his dock on Crab Creek. When I arrived he was fighting what I figured was a perch, given the ultra light rod in his hand. It turned out to be a 25 inch striper, his biggest ever in his creek, and a nice relief to have the skunk off the boat before we got under way. We continued to work the shoreline as we made our way out to the river proper. Brandon had a nice blow up that missed and then followed that up with a huge perch that hit a black Stillwater Jr. He also boated a nice pickerel on a plastic. I was anxious to get back to "the cove" to see if the fish from Sunday were still there. We had several blow ups that spit the plug, before Popa Dogg finally attracted a nice 24 that put on quite a show. That was basically it for the night. What I found interesting is that all the action tonight came when the sun was still high in the sky and quite bright.

The 24

The sun sets on another perfect Sept. night

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