Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Does color matter

Carter and I left the marina at a little before seven tonight. The wind and chop was a good bit lower than the last few nights. We anchored up about a hundred yards from the rock pile near the spot that had produced so well the night before. I had purchased 15 red and white Popa Doggs on my last trip to Bass Pro shops. After having the hooks shredded Sat. morning, I was down to two to start the night. I have been surfing the internet trying to find more, but they are on backlog everywhere. So, needless to say, the last two were like gold. Carter has finally been convinced that topwater is just plain better fishing than using plastics, so he went to work with the second Dogg. It did not take him long to get the night started with a respectable 20. This was followed by 2 more 20's and a extremely bloated 22,that was clearly sick. Meanwhile, I had yet to even have a swirl. Finally, as our plugs landed yards apart, we had a double blowup. I knew instantly my fish was a big one. Within seconds the drag was screaming and then just as quickly she broke me off. I was really bummed to have lost that fish and then the dark cloud showed itself again when I realized the fish had my golden ticket in its mouth,,DANG. I did have one green and white Dogg in my bag, so I tied it on. Carter continued to bail 20 inchers with the blowups occurring in exactly same spot. In the meantime the Green Dogg popped and swam through the same section of water untouched. This went on for the next five minutes before I switched over to the white Stillwater and boated a nice 22. All of the action occurred in the first 45 minutes and then the bite shut down. The only other fish we boated was the first Bluefish of the year. It was a strange tide tonight, most likely due to the full moon. The outgoing tide was a good 4 hours delayed and was very week. I guess that's why they call it a flood tide. I guess color really does matter.
Carter with his sick 22

My 22

First Bluefish of the year
Incredible sunset

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